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1 Source Entertainment is Tallahassee Florida's newest recording studio. Our one thousand square foot facility is professionally designed and equipped with Pro Tools HD. 1SE provides artists with state of the art recording and mixing services. 1 Source Entertainment is a One Stop Shop offering: Social Media Marketing, Artist Development, Management, Graphic Design, and SEO.

At the core, 1 Source Entertainment is an artist management and marketing company that utilizes the latest in technology and trends to excel and grow our clients. With the ability to have everything in house, project work flow from beginning to end is effectively executed . Our clients can easily access any of our extremely talented departments. Accessibility.

Here at the "1SE" house we're always online! We believe strongly in the new age of social networks, creating strategic online campaigns for our clients that will help to embrace their passions and explode their online presence. We believe that in today's world, your "net worth," is only as large as your "network." Your social network!

Digital Studio Services

At this Tallahassee Florida Recording Studio you will find a team unlike any other. Lead by the chief executive officer Scott Reinfeld, the team's chemistry is as unique and unparalleled compared to anything you will find in corporate America. It's a closely woven group with down to earth values and integrity, but out of this world expectations and visions! We want only the best outcomes for our clients and thrive on return visit's and positive feedback. Our Likeability is what draws you in and captures the greatness that's being held inside.

We love what we do, and would love to help you! With every project carrying its own uniqueness, we ask you to contact us for pricing in regards to any of the following services. Contact Us
Services we offer at 1 Source Entertainment!
  • Brand and Artist Development
    Now it's time to explode and expose all of the elements incorporated into creating the game breaker!
    1 Source Entertainment is engulfed and committed to you!
  • Music Recording/Mixing
    Only the best quality instrumentation, software and knowledge are used to transform your music from ordinary to vastly superior! Our teams musical tastes vary greatly, and with experience recording everything from A Cappella, pop, hip-hop, rock, and metal, we can confidently record and mix any genre with great results.
  • Social Network Marketing Strategies
    With 24-hour analysis, constant monitoring and production schematics, 1 Source Entertainment is light years ahead of the pace!
  • Website and Graphic Design
    The ultimate home base for your product or business is what will create an outstanding view to the public eye and peaking interest!
  • Video Production
    You've got the sound; you've got the look, now put it into what we like to call "coordinated motion," completing your ultimate package!
  • Photography
    Dress it up, dress it down, anyway like it! With our snapshots framing you in the most amazing ways, the sky is the limit for your exposure!
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Tallahassee Florida Recording Studio Tallahassee Recording Studios Tallahassee Florida Recording Studio Tallahassee Recording Studios


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